A primary objective of holding the Short Story and Poetry Competitions is to raise money for charity. Each year we identify a national and local organisation who will benefit from a cash injection. It gives us great pleasure to receive feedback from the institutions we have helped and listed below are some of the comments from them.

Just Be A Child

We received £1,500 in 2019, a sum that tipped our annual income over the £25,000 threshold. For charities this is a magic number which shows other potential donors that we are now in the big league. Well bigger league at least. This also meant that we felt brave enough to apply for a £50,000 grant later that year and actually got it and we are now building not one but two libraries in 2020.

Besides the money though, the fact that a literary organisation such as yours handpicked us for donation was in some way a validation for our project and a huge boost to our, or at least my, confidence. The response from the audience was amazing.

And from the Kenyan perspective, we don't have enough time or space to write all the reasons why your grant was so invaluable to us.

Dr. Lenka McAlinden Chief Executive of Just be a Child added this comment: "I also thought it would be worth sharing the results of our latest writing competition. The first year in late 2017 we have received 2 stories, with very limited vocabulary and rather 'basic' description of their own surroundings. In 2019 we have received 194 stories full of dragons, fairies, local mystical creatures and some very hard hitting 'based on a true event' stories. In a country where writing isn't really done for fun, a great result I think."